in my artistic work i explore  world of bones and animal origin materials. i want to show you something different than ivory and tortoiseshell but even more precious. my works include bones of species like roe deer, cats, dogs, geese, fish etc. and other materials of animal origin like sea urchins and crabs.

 i use bones in non-obvious way because i find original shapes of them so inspiring that i prefer to expose their natural beauty rather than carve them. it’s important for me to create practical, wearable objects.

no animals were harmed in the making of these pieces – i usually find bones during my trips, i also receive the material from foresters and my friends. i am strongly against killing animals to make something exclusive out of them. that’s why all you find in bone section of this site is unique and there is generally no possibility of making another piece even just similar.

in the second section of this website that is called “no-bones” you will find more traditional forms, mostly in 14k gold and sterling silver. all pieces are handmade and are in this quality i would personally like to wear. the jewelry was commissioned or made for personal use, so it’s not for sale. if you want to order something write on:

i am master of goldsmithing-stonesetting, master of fine arts and founder of first school of goldsmithing (xerion) in kraków, poland.   if you want more information about me click here.

magdalena maślerz