for men

dog’s noses

small detail to your shirt or maybe something else? patinated sterling silver buttons 🙂

small bolo tie

a bolo tie with a gear and black onyx on the back. patinated sterling silver, onyx, cord. 2020

blue bolo-tie

a bolo tie made of dog’s spine bone

cufflinks with a wild boar

sterling silver cuffliks with a wild boar skull. size: 18 x 18 x 25 mm 2018

saturn. a pendant to play with. made of sterling silver and copper. 2017

wishing stones

i heard that in the usa people have special attitude to this kind of stones. if somebody finds a stone with one quartz line around (without any double…

dust bowl

i’m excited to show you my very first work in 3d technology 🙂 i designed this signet ring for boys from dust bowl (some years ago i made…

tunnel earrings

tunnel earrings made of horn and messing.  2016

dog tag

fine and sterling silver dog tag with black silicon silencer. 2016

rectangular cufflinks

sterling silver rectangular cufflinks. 2015

wels catfish vertebra pendant

wels catfish vertebra, alpaca, nickel-coated elements – it’s a trophy for the angler. in an article below is written about the man who caught the record size fish….

cufflinks and tie clip

sterling silver tie clip and cufflinks with a horse motif engraved. 2014


sterling silver cufflinks. 2013

not a wedding band

i was asked to make this round sterling silver pendant for somebody who for some reasons couldn’t wear traditional wedding bands. it’s square profile matte silver band on…