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cosmic brooch

double-sided brooch

to all losses of monica a brooch:

white with steel dots

white brooch with

black with steel dots

a brooch:  cow’s horn, chirurgical steel, bamboo wood

double-sided magnet brooch

sterling silver double-sided brooch with magnets

european rhinoceros beetle

last summer during a trip to świebodzin we left the train too early – by mistake

dog’s palatine bone pin

light and small pin made of sterling silver and palatine bone of a dog. size: 22 x 16 x 10 mm weight: 3,93g 2019

lunar brooch with cat’s jaw

sterling silver brooch with jaw of a cat. 2019

baltic brooch

i’ve found the bone at the seacoast of baltic sea

fuji brooch

very light brooch made of wild boar bone, resin and sterling silver. double sided: for lovers of fuji mountain or enthusiast of yellow-blue abstractions. i made it during…

blue brooch

the brooch opens the collection “inner sacrum”. all the pieces (a brooch, a bolo-tie and 3 pendants: blue, with a drop of green and with a drop of…

wild colors

round brooch: wild boar skull dyed with resin and set in patinated sterling silver. diameter: 35mm weight: 8,7g 2018

antler in greens and blues

a brooch made of slices of deer antlers in shades of green and blue. deer antler, resin, cork, copper, steel size: 70 x 60 x 25 mm weight:…

jonasz III

light brooch from jonasz series. roe deer bone, resins, silver. size: 64 x 61 x 9 mm weight: 5,3 g 2018