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bones go vivid

last year i started my experiments with adding color to the bones. it’s the first time you may see the results of my work but for sure not…


the last brooch from bruxism series. roe deer teeth with adularescence effect, argentium silver, resin. here together with another, very similar brooch that you can read about here:…


sterling silver round brooch with center hole. filled with many roe deer teeth. double pin. diameter: 45mm, inner hole diameter 20mm weight: 23,9g 2016

dental records

they are inside us. they grow old with us. when they’re sick, we get sick. they shine when we want to shine in flashes. they identify us better…


a brooch: sterling silver and roe deer bones. size in milimetres: 95 x 80 x 26 the work was exposed on the exhibition within 25th international legnica jewellery…

that’s where the shoe pinches

the lines on skulls fascinate me. they look like an ancient alphabet, like a message hard to understand. bones remind me of sculptures that are hidden under the…

rabbit’s paw

rabbit’s paw – a brooch made of bent paw bone of a rabbit – modern version of lucky rabbit’s paw amulet. in many countries people believe that rabbit’s…

goose bone

goose bone brooch. 2013

white coral brooch

a brooch: white coral and heat shrink tubes. 2011

sea urchin brooches

sea urchin brooches. 2010


  brooch made of marten’s jaw and metal elements. 2008