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cosmic brooch

double-sided brooch

poseidon’s glasses




roly – poly


box for a tiger balm

box/pendant: sterling silver, obsidian, agate.

amulet of balance

  an object

the cube

a ring. an object.

tube squeezer

tube squeezer.

rebel ring

is it legal? or illegal? thinking a lot about hallmarking law… 2019

dog’s noses

small detail to your shirt or maybe something else? patinated sterling silver buttons 🙂

small bolo tie

a bolo tie with a gear and black onyx on the back. patinated sterling silver, onyx, cord. 2020

beaded rings

in the beginning of the year i was asked to make another beaded rings. it’s been a long time i haven’t played with peyote stitching! both of the…

venus of willendorf

two sterling silver copies of venus of willendorf. i made them using 3d technology. one is already a part of a necklace, the other will be a part…

saturn. a pendant to play with. made of sterling silver and copper. 2017

wishing stones

i heard that in the usa people have special attitude to this kind of stones. if somebody finds a stone with one quartz line around (without any double…