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encrusted corian

a bracelet made of white corian

golden loops

14k yellow gold bracelet.

tai chi

i made this bracelet as a remembrance of my childhood experience 😉

a bracelet with a green stone

sterling silver bracelet with a green stone that i’ve found on a portuguese beach 🙂 2019

venus on hula – hoop

sterling silver bracelet with venus of willendorf. 2018

a bracelet with green sapphire

an oval bracelet made of 14k white gold and natural green sapphire from sri lanca. 2017

knot bracelet

knot bracelet. 14k yellow gold. 2017

summer bracelet

i made one like this for myself in sterling silver (you can see it here). this model is simple and very comfortable, i really like to wear it….

wide bracelet

wide sterling silver bracelet. 2016

silver set

sterling silver bracelet and earrings. 2016


a bracelet: sterling silver (partly brushed, partly patinated) and dotted lampwork bead. 2016

moon phases

glowing in the dark bracelet with the phases of the moon. silver, fluorescent material, print. 2015

braided gold

14k yellow gold braided bracelet. 2015

bracelet with a coin

a bracelet with polish coin, blue dyed agate beads, sterling silver beads. 2014

bracelet from my dreams

once i had a dream about this kind of hinge (a sphere inside another sphere that make the thing move in every direction). although in my dream it…