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a pill

a pill made of sterling silver. 2021

box for a tiger balm

box/pendant: sterling silver, obsidian, agate.

agate drop

a pendant

star pendant with pearls

sterling silver pendant with freshwater pearls.

bell ball

this silver and copper sphere makes nice sounds 🙂 watch the movie with the sound on! 2020

small bolo tie

a bolo tie with a gear and black onyx on the back. patinated sterling silver, onyx, cord. 2020


a pendant with sandstone

ostrich egg

ostrich egg and sterling silver



triangle pendant made of


a triangle sterling silver pendant with alabaster from volterra (italy).

nature samples

a collection of 9 triangle pendants

cone-shaped with onyxes

a small pendant made of 14k yellow gold and two round onyxes. weight:4,75g 2019

pierced stone

a pebble with natural holes with steel piercing. hang on sterling silver chain. 2019