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martens reliquary

cosmic brooch

double-sided brooch

satan’s brut

hair clips



crab clutch bag

a clutch bag made of 2 crabs shells

european rhinoceros beetle

last summer during a trip to świebodzin we left the train too early – by mistake


during my holidays i’ve found a dead badger


tangram is my version of old chinese game. this set of pendants / objects is made of one single sheep skull cut into pieces. seven pieces become one…


so close from “ostensorium” to “ossuarium”… moose skull, deer skull, lacquered brass, 24k gold leaf. 2019

tree of the knowledge of good and evil

an object made of wild boar palatine bone  and colorful transparent resin. i made it during my artist residency in sart. 2018

blue bolo-tie

a bolo tie made of dog’s spine bone

cufflinks with a wild boar

sterling silver cuffliks with a wild boar skull. size: 18 x 18 x 25 mm 2018

these days were very active for me. i was finalist of “illusion” jewelry contest. i organised the night of the craftsmanship. i celebrated 5 years anniversary of my own…

bolo tie

bolo tie from bruxism series. roe deer teeth, resin, sterling silver and cord. both for women and for men. 2017

rabbit’s paw

rabbit’s paw – a brooch made of bent paw bone of a rabbit – modern version of lucky rabbit’s paw amulet. in many countries people believe that rabbit’s…