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small pendant made of bone, leather strap and sterling silver. 2017

roe deer teeth necklace

small pendant from bruxism series. roe deer teeth in transparent resin with sterling silver elements. 2017


my friend from studies got married. i made these simple classic wedding rings for her and her husband 🙂 D profile in 14k yellow gold, polished. both bands…

with a groove

14k white and yellow gold wedding bands divided with a groove. 2017

this is how i look at the beginning of 2017.

green beads

a pendant: glass seed beads, fine silver and brown jeweler string. 2016

venus’ hair

a pendant: 14k yellow gold and rutilated quartz (venus’ hair quartz). 2016

collection of bones

holidays are gone…🙂 during my bike trip on the east of poland i’ve found some bones: pelvis of hedgehog, jaw of a cat, spine of burbot, teeth of…

tunnel earrings

tunnel earrings made of horn and messing.  2016

wide bracelet

wide sterling silver bracelet. 2016


yes, no-face from spirited away was the inspiration to make these sterling silver salt cellar & pepper caster 🙂 2016


roe deer teeth, howlite and leather cord necklace. 2016  

roe deer

  ossuaries are places that inspired me to plunge into making bone jewelry. one of them, kutna hora in czech republic made the biggest impression on me. after…

golden locket

14k yellow gold locket for two photographs. oval 20x30mm, polished. 2016 check photos below to see how i was making it:


renewing rings of my customer before easter time 😉