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mama love

a special ring from a special son to a special mum

star pendant with pearls

sterling silver pendant with freshwater pearls.

playable ring

14k yellow gold ring

rebel ring

is it legal? or illegal? thinking a lot about hallmarking law… 2019

golden loops

14k yellow gold bracelet.

dog’s noses

small detail to your shirt or maybe something else? patinated sterling silver buttons 🙂

hand with a pearl

a brooch: sterling silver, freshwater pearl, steel. 2020

tai chi

i made this bracelet as a remembrance of my childhood experience 😉

bell ball

this silver and copper sphere makes nice sounds 🙂 watch the movie with the sound on! 2020

small bolo tie

a bolo tie with a gear and black onyx on the back. patinated sterling silver, onyx, cord. 2020

love in pandemic time

14k rose gold and diamonds.

mica mouse

mica mouse brooch:  ruthenium plated sterling silver, mica. 2019

a bracelet with a green stone

sterling silver bracelet with a green stone that i’ve found on a portuguese beach 🙂 2019


a pendant with sandstone

ostrich egg

ostrich egg and sterling silver