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cosmic brooch

double-sided brooch

to all losses of monica

https://youtube.com/shorts/hUUbHIpFAas?feature=share a brooch:

a cow

a steel cow

white with steel dots

white brooch with

black with steel dots

a brooch:  cow’s horn, chirurgical steel, bamboo wood

double-sided magnet brooch

sterling silver double-sided brooch with magnets

hand with a pearl

a brooch: sterling silver, freshwater pearl, steel. 2020

mica mouse

mica mouse brooch:  ruthenium plated sterling silver, mica. 2019

european rhinoceros beetle

last summer during a trip to świebodzin we left the train too early – by mistake

dog’s palatine bone pin

light and small pin made of sterling silver and palatine bone of a dog. size: 22 x 16 x 10 mm weight: 3,93g 2019

the scream

years ago i was hiking in karkonosze mountains and i’d found this stone. for me it was obvious it’s face from munch’s “scream”. i added some sterling silver…

the source

this year’s topic of legnica jewelry competition was ‘silver’. i submitted a brooch made of used clay crucible.  because this is a source of all silver objects 😉…

lotto machine

inspiration can come from unexpected places. like a tv game… rotating brooch: lotto machine drawing amber balls. https://youtu.be/VvxZq95UZio 2019

lunar brooch with cat’s jaw

sterling silver brooch with jaw of a cat. 2019