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cosmic brooch

double-sided brooch

black mirror

a ring: onyx, 14k yellow gold

mama love

a special ring from a special son to a special mum

playable ring

14k yellow gold ring

golden loops

14k yellow gold bracelet.

love in pandemic time

14k rose gold and diamonds.

cone-shaped with onyxes

a small pendant made of 14k yellow gold and two round onyxes. weight:4,75g 2019

gold-plated venus

venus of willendorf  in golden coat. one version is with small beads of lapis lazuli, another just with a simple loop. gold-plated sterling silver. 2019


so close from “ostensorium” to “ossuarium”… moose skull, deer skull, lacquered brass, 24k gold leaf. 2019


hidden pentagram

nephrites are one of my favourite stones. this piece i have

bone, gold, emeralds

earrings in 14k yellow gold, palatine bone of a wild boar and natural oval emeralds.


do you draw when you talk on the phone?

a shield

a shield shaped onyx set in 14k yellow gold – a brooch. size: 37 x 31 x 8 mm weight: 10,95g 2018

white & yellow

wedding bands with wide groove. polished 14k yellow gold mixed with satin 14k white gold. 4mm width. few photos from the studio: 2018