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a pill

a pill made of sterling silver. 2021

box for a tiger balm

box/pendant: sterling silver, obsidian, agate.

teeth in silver

6 pendants in sterling silver and animal teeth: wild boars and moose. 2021

agate drop

a pendant

star pendant with pearls

sterling silver pendant with freshwater pearls.

wild boar tooth

wild boar tooth in patinated sterling silver. 2020

emerald cut

  bones, sterling silver.

old cut

bones, sterling silver.


  bones, tagua, sterling silver.


bones, tagua, sterling silver.

oval cut

  bones, steling silver.

oval with an antler

i made this big pendant of sterling silver and deer antler especially for the

bones & pearls

freshwater pearls, cow bones and cotton thread

bell ball

this silver and copper sphere makes nice sounds 🙂 watch the movie with the sound on! 2020

small bolo tie

a bolo tie with a gear and black onyx on the back. patinated sterling silver, onyx, cord. 2020