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delicate engagement ring with a sapphire

delicate engagement ring made from 14k white gold using 3d technology. the main stone is natural sapphire marquise. it is surrounded by 4 small diamonds. 2018

a bracelet with green sapphire

an oval bracelet made of 14k white gold and natural green sapphire from sri lanca. 2017

blue eye ring

14k white gold and natural sapphire. 2017

sapphire ring

14k white gold with natural sapphire engagement ring. 2015

celtic ring

delicate engagement ring in sterling silver. celtic motives (the triquetra knot, braids) and natural round sapphire. 2015

engagement ring with a sapphire

14k white gold ring with a natural sapphire and two diamonds. 2014

before and after

i was ask to set some stones in a golden wedding band that was very important for the owner. as i heard the stones are recommended for aquarius:…

sapphire ring

sterling silver and natural sapphire ring. 2010