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an elephant made of a sheep

during my one-month residency in sart, siena i was inspired by

baltic brooch

i’ve found the bone at the seacoast of baltic sea

baltic bracelet

a bracelet made of bone found in the baltic sea

baltic gamma knife

baltic gamma knife is a part of baltic collection

cufflinks with a wild boar

sterling silver cuffliks with a wild boar skull. size: 18 x 18 x 25 mm 2018

a dream about loosing your pearls

words may be so powerful that they can hurt. and then your tears can come out in nightmares about loosing your pearls. the work was made especially for…


sterling silver round brooch with center hole. filled with many roe deer teeth. double pin. diameter: 45mm, inner hole diameter 20mm weight: 23,9g 2016