Tag: stone

double-sided magnet brooch

sterling silver double-sided brooch with magnets

a bracelet with a green stone

sterling silver bracelet with a green stone that i’ve found on a portuguese beach 🙂 2019


a pendant with sandstone


triangle pendant made of


a triangle sterling silver pendant with alabaster from volterra (italy).

pierced stone

a pebble with natural holes with steel piercing. hang on sterling silver chain. 2019

gold-plated venus

venus of willendorf  in golden coat. one version is with small beads of lapis lazuli, another just with a simple loop. gold-plated sterling silver. 2019

the scream

years ago i was hiking in karkonosze mountains and i’d found this stone. for me it was obvious it’s face from munch’s “scream”. i added some sterling silver…

obiekt w

in 2011 i took part in “obiekt w” – contest and a game. i won first place with this necklace with natural hole and steel piercing. a part…

a stone with holes

a necklace with a stone with many natural holes, braided with jewelers strings. 2011

hinge necklace

a necklace made of found messing hinge and stone with sentimental value. all wrapped in a messing wire and hang on a jeweler string. 2010

macrame necklace with a stone

necklace from stone with natural holes and linen thread ( macrame knots). 2010

a necklace with a stone

a necklace made of steel strings and stone with natural holes. 2009

bracelet with a stone

  crotcheted bracelet made of linen and stone with natural hole.