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rebel ring

is it legal? or illegal? thinking a lot about hallmarking law… 2019

white & yellow

wedding bands with wide groove. polished 14k yellow gold mixed with satin 14k white gold. 4mm width. few photos from the studio: 2018


3,5mm wide convex wedding bands in 14k white gold. 2017


my friend from studies got married. i made these simple classic wedding rings for her and her husband 🙂 D profile in 14k yellow gold, polished. both bands…

with a groove

14k white and yellow gold wedding bands divided with a groove. 2017

flat wedding bands

flat wedding bands in 14k yellow gold. 2016

classic wedding bands

14k yellow gold wedding bands. 2016 and here you can see how i was making them:


14k white gold wedding bands with ekg motif – because half of the couple works in emergency medical service 😉 2016 the photo below shows the process of…

wedding bands

14k yellow wedding bands brushed with central groove, polished inside. 2015

bone wedding bands

wedding bands made of roe deer bones. approximately size: 12. 2014

not a wedding band

i was asked to make this round sterling silver pendant for somebody who for some reasons couldn’t wear traditional wedding bands. it’s square profile matte silver band on…