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collection of bones

holidays are gone…🙂 during my bike trip on the east of poland i’ve found some bones: pelvis of hedgehog, jaw of a cat, spine of burbot, teeth of…


yes, no-face from spirited away was the inspiration to make these sterling silver salt cellar & pepper caster 🙂 2016

roe deer

  ossuaries are places that inspired me to plunge into making bone jewelry. one of them, kutna hora in czech republic made the biggest impression on me. after…

golden locket

14k yellow gold locket for two photographs. oval 20x30mm, polished. 2016 check photos below to see how i was making it:


renewing rings of my customer before easter time 😉

i became master of goldsmithing from kraków chamber of crafts so… it’s time to change the diplom on the wall 🙂

my jewelry in greece

i received this photo of chrisa wearing my soutache pendant in greece! so nice to see it ‘in action’ 🙂 2015

cuckooflower jewelry

the spring is coming! i planted some cuckooflower in a necklace and a bracelet. people passing by our studio could see it on our shop window. i liked…

before and after

i was ask to set some stones in a golden wedding band that was very important for the owner. as i heard the stones are recommended for aquarius:…

an exhibition in bal

my works on exhibition “wystawa w procesie” in bal, kraków, poland. 2013

wedding bands

these 14k yellow gold wedding bands in traditional D-shape profile are special for me. i made them for my friend from art studies. and it was very first…

nh fest

a tiny work made for siły zbrojne PK- polytechnic faculty of chemistry- these golden seed  is going to be an example of gold element on special periodic table…