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teeth in silver

6 pendants in sterling silver and animal teeth: wild boars and moose. 2021

white with steel dots

white brooch with

black with steel dots

a brooch:  cow’s horn, chirurgical steel, bamboo wood

amulet of balance

  an object

the cube

a ring. an object.

encrusted corian

a bracelet made of white corian

black mirror

a ring: onyx, 14k yellow gold

agate drop

a pendant

tube squeezer

tube squeezer.

holy mary

holy mary 2020

mama love

a special ring from a special son to a special mum

star pendant with pearls

sterling silver pendant with freshwater pearls.

playable ring

14k yellow gold ring

rebel ring

is it legal? or illegal? thinking a lot about hallmarking law… 2019

wild boar tooth

wild boar tooth in patinated sterling silver. 2020