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star pendant with pearls

sterling silver pendant with freshwater pearls.

playable ring

14k yellow gold ring

rebel ring

is it legal? or illegal? thinking a lot about hallmarking law… 2019

wild boar tooth

wild boar tooth in patinated sterling silver. 2020

double-sided magnet brooch

sterling silver double-sided brooch with magnets

emerald cut

  bones, sterling silver.

old cut

bones, sterling silver.


  bones, tagua, sterling silver.


bones, tagua, sterling silver.

oval cut

  bones, steling silver.

oval with an antler

i made this big pendant of sterling silver and deer antler especially for the

bones & pearls

freshwater pearls, cow bones and cotton thread

golden loops

14k yellow gold bracelet.

dog’s noses

small detail to your shirt or maybe something else? patinated sterling silver buttons 🙂

hand with a pearl

a brooch: sterling silver, freshwater pearl, steel. 2020