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mama love

a special ring from a special son to a special mum


a delicate double sided ring.

delicate engagement ring with a sapphire

delicate engagement ring made from 14k white gold using 3d technology. the main stone is natural sapphire marquise. it is surrounded by 4 small diamonds. 2018

white & yellow

wedding bands with wide groove. polished 14k yellow gold mixed with satin 14k white gold. 4mm width. few photos from the studio: 2018

a bracelet with green sapphire

an oval bracelet made of 14k white gold and natural green sapphire from sri lanca. 2017


3,5mm wide convex wedding bands in 14k white gold. 2017

blue eye ring

14k white gold and natural sapphire. 2017

elvish style

an engagement ring inspired by elvish / celtic style. 14k white gold and natural emerald drop. + some work in progress photos 🙂 2017

aquamarine ring

i was working on a difficult task lately – i was asked to make an engagement ring for a friend of mine that i know since we were…

with a groove

14k white and yellow gold wedding bands divided with a groove. 2017


14k white gold ring with leather cord. 2016

two rings

14k white and yellow gold with cubic zirconia and golden ring with sentimental value. 2016 below some photos of the process of making the ajour ring:


14k white gold wedding bands with ekg motif – because half of the couple works in emergency medical service 😉 2016 the photo below shows the process of…

two tone engagement ring

an engagement ring: yellow & white 14k gold with a diamond. 2016