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moose skull

a sterling silver pendant

nature samples

a collection of 9 triangle pendants


tangram is my version of old chinese game. this set of pendants / objects is made of one single sheep skull cut into pieces. seven pieces become one…

an elephant made of a sheep

during my one-month residency in sart, siena i was inspired by

stained glass

alveolar bone of a wild boar filled with

antler chain

deer antler chain that i made during my stay in sart. 2018

baltic gamma knife

baltic gamma knife is a part of baltic collection

blue baltic donut

my last birthday i spent by the seaside and i was given a very nice gift from the baltic sea.

necklace with a landscape

a necklace with wild boar’s bone

wild boar’s palatine bone

  double-sided pendant made of wild boar’s palatine bone

blue bolo-tie

a bolo tie made of dog’s spine bone

with a drop of green

a pendant made of dog’s bone


a pendant made of dog’s spine bone and resin

with a drop of purple

a pendant made of dog’s spine bone and resin