my last birthday i spent by the seaside and i was given a very nice gift from the baltic sea. i came back home with a bag full of bones and later i made a collection during my stay in sart. it consist of 5 objects but i will publish here only 4 of them. i left the fifth piece for the institute as it was a turtle and the institute is located in the turtle contrada of siena 🙂

if you’re interested how the turtle looks like you can see it in this short video (minute 0:35). i was sure i made some photos of it but after coming back to poland i cannot find them anywhere.

why are these bones brown? because after years spent in the depths and without the oxgene the bones gained this special hue.

what animal are they from? i have no idea but i don’t suppose that it’s something very ‘exotic’. something tells me that it could be a cow or maybe a horse.

the first piece in the collection is a pendant in a shape of donut. it’s filled with translucent blue resin that reminds me of the mysterious sea depths.

the diameter is 44mm, the inner diameter is 22mm.

the other pieces in the series are:
baltic gamma knife
baltic bracelet
baltic brooch