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14k white gold ring with leather cord. 2016

(ear)ring with a turquoise

it used to be an earring – but one from the pair was lost and i was asked to make a ring out of it as it had…

two rings

14k white and yellow gold with cubic zirconia and golden ring with sentimental value. 2016 below some photos of the process of making the ajour ring:

jewelry set

jewelry set: a ring, pendant and earrings in 14k yellow gold with lab grown rubies and cubic zirconias. 2016

two tone engagement ring

an engagement ring: yellow & white 14k gold with a diamond. 2016

a ring with cubic zirconias

it turned out that the new owner of this ring was dreaming about it for years (she had similar pendant and really wanted to have a matching ring)….

engagement in budapest

14k yellow gold engagement ring with a diamond. the couple got engaged in lovely and romantic budapest, hungary. i was very happy to receive this nice photo after….

sapphire ring

14k white gold with natural sapphire engagement ring. 2015

will you?

white & yellow 14k gold engagement ring with a diamond. 2015

kraków on your finger

10mm wide, partly patinated sterling silver band with krakow’s market square buildings silhouettes. 2015

ajoure, ajoure

decorative yet delicate ring made to special order: 14k yellow gold and 0.4ct diamond. few months later i was happy to help bride and groom in making their…

pointed ring

sterling silver ring. 2015

celtic ring

delicate engagement ring in sterling silver. celtic motives (the triquetra knot, braids) and natural round sapphire. 2015

golden ring

14k yellow gold ring with 0.13ct diamond. 2014

engagement ring with a sapphire

14k white gold ring with a natural sapphire and two diamonds. 2014