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beaded ring

metallic black toho ring. 2014

a ring with citrine and amethysts

large 14k yellow gold ring with citrine and amethysts. the ring was designed by the customer who believes that citrines and amethysts together brings good energy to the…

a ring with a diamond

14k yellow & white gold with a diamond ring. 2013

a ring with an emerald

i made 2 such rings in 2013: one was an engagement ring, another (with a pendant below) a gift for a promotion at work. synthetic oval emeralds with…

beaded ring

a ring beaded in silver toho beads. 2013

engagement ring with a diamond

14k white gold engagement ring with a diamond. 2013

between layers

i made a pendant and a ring with agates for mineralArt contest. both objects were exposed in mineral museum in idar-oberstein, germany and later in 2015 they were…

blue topaz

sterling silver ring with blue octagon topaz set in bezel. 2012

topaz ring

silver and topaz ring. 2011

sapphire ring

sterling silver and natural sapphire ring. 2010